A pHC Physician will Assist in safely Returning your employee to work after a COVID-19 Positive result.

For employees with a confirmed positive COVID-19 test or suspected close exposure, Physicians Health Center medical providers will offer guidance and follow-up to help facilitate a safe return to work through telehealth visits with the employee and communication with the employer.

The PHC medical provider will clear the individual for returning to work only when it is safe to do so based on newest CDC guidelines. Click Here to Learn More.

We recommend tracking the symptoms of your employees after a positive COVID-19 test or exposure. The below form should be used as part of the COVID-19 Medical Monitoring Program. The document can also be found in our Forms & Downloads section.

COVID-19 14 Day Symptom Tracker Document

Pricing for Telehealth Medical Monitoring

Telehealth Initial Visit - $89

Telehealth Follow Up Visit - $51

To authorize COVID-19 Medical Monitoring for your employee, complete the following:

COVID-19 Medical Monitoring Telehealth Visit Request

For any questions on COVID-19 Medical Monitoring, please reach out to:

Maxine Topper - mtopper@physicianshealthcenter.com - (305) 439-4165